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    The Most Important Thing

    Its been quite a while since I posted. Life has been extremely busy and full of changes. I have changed jobs, gotten married, become a step mom and a dog mom, moved into our first home, and even more since the spring. Life has been full of a dizzying array of new routines, new pathways, new ways of doing life. I’m thankful for these tremendous blessings and I’m also thankful for the considerable amount of spiritual growth that has occurred as a result of the pressing of new circumstances and outside-the-comfort-zone situations. Hillsong came out with a new song a few months ago and at first I liked it just…

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    Louder & Stronger Still

    Let’s imagine today that you are in a little wooden boat, floating through the great waters of the ocean. On the horizon, dark clouds build and advance across the sky, until you are shrouded in darkness. Rain begins to pour down upon you and the seas rise up wildly around you. Water throws your boat through the air. Water fills your boat to the point of sinking. Water whips against your boat, threatening to tear it apart. These images of the great ocean tempest are a figurative picture of the storms of our lives. Here we find ourselves, floating along in our own little world only to be slowly crept…

  • Praise

    In every thing, give thanks

    1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV) “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” My big word for 2018 is “thankful”. I’m hoping to cultivate a greater atmosphere of gratitude in my life. To awaken with fresh eyes to the many blessings all around me. Why? I guess because I am starting to really believe that the more I respond to God in every circumstance with thanksgiving, the happier, more peaceful, and more positive my whole life will be. If I can have a True-Confessions-of-A-Real-Life-Christian moment with you right now, I have to admit that I used to think on some level that…

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    The Secret to Facing Every Hard Thing

    Have you ever had one of those days where your running late and you run out to hop in your car only to discover that your windows are completely frosted up with ice. 12 million precious minutes later, you open the door to get into the car and your jacket gets caught and it yanks you back before you can slide into the seat. Then, naturally, you hit every light on your journey into work, even lights that you were literally never aware of, like they just popped out of the ground for the sole purpose of making you insane. But really, would it even matter if all the lights…

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    On Biting & Forgiveness

    I am one of five children and the only girl. I am also the youngest, and therefore, the cream of the crop. Each child in our family has their own particular blend of personality traits and quirks. For example, my parents at one point deemed me “the observer” because I would often position myself a little bit back from whatever was happening and watch first before delving into things myself. First of all, in my defense, I would like to say that if I had been invited to play more by my brothers, I probably wouldn’t have been given such a creepy label. Second, I have very large eyes, so I…

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    A Letter to a Beautiful Woman of God

    Hello, I hope you’re having a good day today. It’s a little strange writing you a letter but I have to admit that it may be the only way I’m going to work up the courage to tell you what I want to say. Although it would be a happy conversation, I’m an easy crier (as you have probably seen by now). All that emotion would make me lose track of my thoughts and by the end of our talk, I’m not sure I would have said all the things I wanted to. What I want to tell you is that you are so special.