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    Thank you cards fail

    I’m sitting here writing thank you cards to family and friends for coming to our wedding this past March and for the many, many blessings they poured out on my husband and I in celebration of our marriage. And for anyone that’s counting, that would be 5 months after the fact. I believe some etiquette sites say that you have six months to get out your thank you cards before you’re officially a rude, ungrateful worm in the sights of all whom you love and hold dear… And, while I appreciate that generous timeline, I still think that people would value hearing pretty quickly after the fact about all the…

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    The Secret to Facing Every Hard Thing

    Have you ever had one of those days where your running late and you run out to hop in your car only to discover that your windows are completely frosted up with ice. 12 million precious minutes later, you open the door to get into the car and your jacket gets caught and it yanks you back before you can slide into the seat. Then, naturally, you hit every light on your journey into work, even lights that you were literally never aware of, like they just popped out of the ground for the sole purpose of making you insane. But really, would it even matter if all the lights…

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    Swamp-Diving Savior

    I keep a card in my wallet that says “Jesus is not afraid of the messy stuff. The I AM has your back!”. It reminds me that the God we serve wades deep into the mud of our messes in order to redeem, rescue, and restore. And blessed-be my swamp-diving Savior, because my actions sometimes snowball into serious mess-ups and my unwise decisions have at times left truckloads of issues in their wake. The muck of life that me, everyone else around me, now has to deal with.¬†What have I done? How could I do that again? When will I learn my lesson?

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    A Letter to a Beautiful Woman of God

    Hello, I hope you’re having a good day today. It’s a little strange writing you a letter but I have to admit that it may be the only way I’m going to work up the courage to tell you what I want to say.¬†Although it would be a happy conversation, I’m an easy crier (as you have probably seen by now). All that emotion would make me lose track of my thoughts and by the end of our talk, I’m not sure I would have said all the things I wanted to. What I want to tell you is that you are so special.¬†

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    Christ is My Anchor

    Welcome to my online home, Christ is My Anchor. So, what the heck does “Christ is My Anchor” even mean? Am I nautically obsessed (yes)? Is Christ a lead weight keeping me from moving forward? Though that may be the mental picture you have of God, no, that’s not what I mean when I point to Jesus Christ as the anchor for my life . What I do mean is that Christ is the source of all hope, joy, peace, and love in my life and the one still point in this absolutely insane world we live in. He’s the stability that keeps me from getting tossed and thrown around…