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Thank you cards fail

I’m sitting here writing thank you cards to family and friends for coming to our wedding this past March and for the many, many blessings they poured out on my husband and I in celebration of our marriage. And for anyone that’s counting, that would be 5 months after the fact. I believe some etiquette sites say that you have six months to get out your thank you cards before you’re officially a rude, ungrateful worm in the sights of all whom you love and hold dear…

And, while I appreciate that generous timeline, I still think that people would value hearing pretty quickly after the fact about all the major ways that their generosity, love, and support has moved your heart and changed your life.

I think sometimes we let our desires for the perfect moment, the perfect sentiment, the perfect execution of our plans get in the way of actually doing the thing that matters (in this instance, expressing our gratitude). I have staved off sitting down to write these thank you cards for so long because I held out hope day after day, week after week, month after month, that somehow all the stars of time, attention, and inspiration would align and *BOOM* out like an easy bake oven would pop 50 moving, sincerely written thank you cards that would touch each recipient’s heart and maybe even bring them closer to the Lord (a girl can dream right?). What matters is that these people hear from me how much their presence and their presents meant to my husband and I. But, in reality, the message they are hearing from me is likely quite different as each passing day goes by without a word of thanks.

I do this a lot with God.

I know that He deserves every ounce of my adoration and exultation but instead I go about my days waiting for the perfect time, which can often never come, to connect with God and focus on praising Him. I get locked into mentalities that if it doesn’t look like THIS, whatever THIS is, then it doesn’t count. If my thank you cards don’t include a detailed personal reflection of how each person has impacted my life than somehow they’re not worth doing or sending. If I don’t sit in the presence of God and turn on some worship music and sing out my love for him for at least 20 minutes a day with a candle lit and the lights dimmed, then I might as well do nothing at all.

How stupid.

It is good to be able to sit in God’s presence and worship Him through song. I love and cherish time spent with God like that. But I’m realizing more and more that it is still worth it — even if it doesn’t result in me having the most intimate, supernatural moment of my life with God — to pause throughout my day and just say Thank You. It’s still worth it to whisper a 10 second prayer when I can’t fit in a 10 minute worship song. It’s still worth it to stop and say thank you for whatever little thing that I’m grateful for in that moment (like not dropping the pickle jar on the ground) than to only praise Him for the biggies (salvation, God’s love, forgiveness of sin, etc) on Sunday morning. I want to have a grateful heart that is focused all day, every day, on catching sight of the blessings of the moment and letting God know that I see them and I appreciate them. I love Him, I want nothing less than for Him to hear how much I think the world of Him and am grateful for the way He simply spoils me with blessings.

So today, I’m writing the thank you cards even though they aren’t going to win a Pulitzer prize, because what matters is that these people get the opportunity to hear my gratitude for what they have done for me.

And today, I’m challenging myself to stop waiting for the perfect scenario to worship God, and just diving in during the million little moments I’m thankful for each day and whispering “thanks”.

Because they deserve to hear it.

Because He deserves to hear it.

Will you join me today?

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