He Wants To Be With Us

There is so much to give God praise for. So much that He has done, that He is doing, and that He will do, that is worthy of our consideration and exaltation. His very nature is glorious and worthy of us glorifying. Over the course of the next couple of days, I want to use this blog as a platform to give God praise. Not just because He deserves every ounce of affection I can give Him, but also because it is good for me (and all of us) to do so. When I stare at the source of goodness itself, when I turn my thoughts to a being that not just loves me, but is love- miracles can happen. Things and thoughts fall into their proper place. Mountains that I couldn’t move, slide right out of the way. It changes me, to think on the One that does not change.

One of the things that has been circling my thoughts lately, and I now raise up in grateful praise, is God’s desire to be in relationship with His creation. It inspires awe and wonder, that this Holy Being who is not limited by time or space and who knows ALL things, wants to know us and be known by us. Look back to the Garden. See the Father who walked daily with Adam and Eve. Of all the things that He could choose to do, He wanted to spend time with us, to be near to us. And though we fell (and He knew all along that we would, and what would be required to save us), the Bible tells us that through the blood of Jesus, we who were afar off have now been brought near to God (Eph 2:13). The story of mankind is one great love story of the Father seeking intimacy with us. He sought it in the Garden, He broke the barriers to it through the cross…and now we get to just come, come to the table. Seated with a robe of righteousness that is not our own, to feast and celebrate relationship with the King. It is good to be us, isn’t it, because He is so good, so gloriously good.

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