Christ is My Anchor

Welcome to my online home, Christ is My Anchor.

So, what the heck does “Christ is My Anchor” even mean? Am I nautically obsessed (yes)? Is Christ a lead weight keeping me from moving forward? Though that may be the mental picture you have of God, no, that’s not what I mean when I point to Jesus Christ as the anchor for my life . What I do mean is that Christ is the source of all hope, joy, peace, and love in my life and the one still point in this absolutely insane world we live in. He’s the stability that keeps me from getting tossed and thrown around by the storms of life. If you’ve lived long enough, you know – it’s gonna rain, it’s gonna pour, and things are going to get topsy-turvy up in this piece! You are gonna need something to make it out alive and the only thing, the ONLY thing, that I have found that holds the power to make a difference in the face of life’s storms, is Jesus Christ himself.

There is a song that a Scottish singer that used to visit my church growing up would often perform, called “The Anchor Holds”. It was actually originally released by a man called Ray Boltz (cool name). I’m a lyric girl – and these lyrics are beautiful to me:

I have been young but I’m older now
And there has been beauty these eyes have seen
But it was in the night, through the storms of my life
Oh, that’s where God proved His love for me

The anchor holds
Though the ship’s been battered
The anchor holds
Though the sails are torn
I have fallen on my knees as I face the raging seas
The anchor holds in spite of the storm

I love that imagery. The ship may be rolling on the waves, the sails may be torn from the whipping winds of life’s trials, but rest assured, the anchor holds – it holds us from crashing against the rocks, from drowning in the seas of life, it holds us safe and secure in our intended resting place. Over the course of this blog, I’ll share the ups and downs of my life with all of you  – maybe you can relate to them too -the loss of loved ones, the battle with insecurity/self-worth/body image, sin troubles, and on and on it goes. I hope you see the single thread that weaves it’s way through it all: the presence and faithfulness of God – and maybe you’ll come to learn for yourself, the Anchor holds.

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